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Roll into business with Bajaj RE and KServico

KServico - Roll into business with Bajaj RE - Rolling Sari Sari Store

Rolling into Business with the Bajaj RE Customized Rolling Sari-sari Store at KServico.

KServico and Bajaj RE now allow more and more Filipino entrepreneurs to be creative in establishing SME business ideas, with the Bajaj RE three-wheeler.

KServico introduces the newest vehicle for business success

Originally introduced as the Philippine’s modern tri-cycle, the Bajaj RE has proven to be a versatile business platform that can easily be converted into whatever you need for your business.

The Classic Filipino Store on Wheels

And what better way to explore possibilities than to see how Bajaj RE can quickly become a rolling sari-sari store?

The rear portion of the Bajaj RE can be converted into a classic sari-sari store configuration on wheels, with display racks for merchandise like snacks, home essentials, and other sari-sari store fares.

This concept allows a more mobile business model where you can park your store closer to high-pedestrian traffic areas and roll home after business hours.

Even the panel covers, when opened up, transform into awnings to shield customers from the sun’s heat or protect them from sudden drizzles.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is close the panels and you can roll your store to a secured garage for the night. Then when morning comes, you can simply jump into the driver’s seat, roll your modified Bajaj RE to your designated store spot and you are once again ready to sell.

Easy to Modify to fit your needs.

The Rolling Sari-sari store custom design is based on the Bajaj RE Maxima Cargo and can be done in-house by Bajaj or converted by the owner at any private shop. Simply approach any of our sales personnel and we would be more than happy to explore the possible modifications to the Bajaj RE that will help enhance your business.

If you want to view this model, just visit any of our 192 stores spread across Metro Manila and Luzon. Our KServico team will be on hand to answer all your questions about the Bajaj RE.

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