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Rolling into Action with Bajaj RE and KServico

KServico - Roll into business with Bajaj RE

The Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck

KServico and Bajaj RE have transformed how Filipinos view three-wheelers, not merely to transport people, but becoming a vehicle for business and even emergencies.
Introduced as the Philippines’ modern tri-cycle, the Bajaj RE has proven to be a versatile platform that can easily be converted and modified into whatever you need. It can even function as a compact emergency response vehicle dedicated to saving lives.

Bajaj RE rolls into action.

In the Philippines, fire is a constant threat to life and property. That is why aside from the government, private groups have also invested in firefighting equipment and volunteer personnel to ensure that firefighters will always be ready to jump into action when needed.
Modern firetrucks, however, are too expensive for lower-income areas in the country. As such, the entry of the Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck is a welcome option for Filipinos everywhere.

The Three Wheeler Firefighter

The transformation of the Bajaj RE into a mini firetruck is ingenious in its simplicity.
While the front portion maintains the familiar Bajaj RE in red, the rear portion of the Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck now features a water tank to store water as the main component of its fire suppression function. Equipped with a water pump, hoses, and fire extinguisher, the Bajaj RE Mini firetruck is now a compact, effective unit for fire fighting.
The customized configuration makes the rear of the Bajaj RE resemble a regular firetruck from the back, with enough space for at least one firefighter to hang on to.
The addition of sirens and emergency lights ensures that the Bajaj RE Mini firetruck will be able to alert everyone to the emergency, even as it weaves in and out of traffic to the site of the fire.

The Benefits of the Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck

While small, the idea for a Bajaj RE firefighting vehicle offers a lot of promise and potential.
Cost: For the price of one regular firetruck, one can buy several Bajaj RE Mini Firetrucks, making it a more affordable option for fire departments with limited budgets.
Maneuverability: The compact design of the Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, such as narrow alleyways and crowded streets, an important feature in urban areas where firetrucks often have to navigate through congested traffic.
Size: The Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck’s main advantage is its size, allowing several units to park closer to the area and provide water to help extinguish the fire. The compact firetruck can also move out quickly when it runs out of water supply, to be replaced with another, allowing for constant fire suppression relay effort.
Overall, the Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck is a valuable asset for fire departments in the Philippines, a modern three-wheeler firefighting asset to effectively fight fires and save lives.

Customized for the role.

The Bajaj RE Mini Firetruck design is based on the Bajaj RE Maxima Cargo with additional components added on and modified to fit its new role. The customization can be done in-house by Bajaj or converted by the owner at any private shop, at a reasonable cost.
If you want to view the Bajaj RE Maxima Cargo or any of the other Bajaj RE models, just visit any of our 192 stores spread across Metro Manila and Luzon. Our KServico team will be on hand to answer all your questions about the Bajaj RE. You can also visit for more info about Bajaj RE.
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