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KServico reminds all KMotorists: Single Ticketing System is now in effect.

KServico reminds Kmotorists about Single Ticketing System

The pilot run of the single ticketing system is now being implemented in select cities in Metro Manila, before its full implementation.

According to the MMDA, this dry run which began on May 2, will be implemented in the following cities in Metro Manila: Manila, Paranaque, Quezon City, Caloocan, San Juan, Muntinlupa, and Valenzuela.

As such, KServico wishes to remind all motorists who bought their motorcycles from KServico to review and follow established road rules and ordinances to avoid being cited with violations.

Standardized violations and penalties.

Among the 20 common violations that usually occur are the following: disregarding traffic signs, number coding scheme violations, illegal parking, truck band violations, tricycle ban violations, reckless driving, traffic obstruction, loading and unloading of passengers in prohibited zones, non-compliance of motorcycle driver dress codes, defective motorcycle accessories, illegal counterflow and overspeeding.

KServico also reminds Kmotorists to avoid traversing bicycle lanes and respect the exclusive motorcycle lane implemented in Quezon City.

One system is to be implemented in 7 pilot cities.

MMDA stressed that the Single Ticketing System will be a benefit for all motorists in the long run since it ensures that all included LGUs will have the same fines and violation contesting procedures under the said system. Digital payment of fines and non-confiscation of licenses will make it more convenient for motorists to resolve their violations.

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