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53 years of Excellence in Customer Service

Welcome to K Servico! The widest retail store network of motorcycles, three-wheelers, appliances, laptops, cellphones & furniture nationwide, with 192 stores in Metro Manila & Luzon areas and 150 stores in Visayas and Mindanao thru our affiliate company EMCOR, Inc. (

K Servico Head Office is located at JVR Bldg., 210 P. Tuazon Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City 1109, Philippines

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K Servico was founded on April 13, 1971, and started as a specialty store of Kawasaki motorcycles and National Panasonic products. With its continuous growth of opening new stores, Kservico has become a multi-brand company and is the biggest retail store network in Luzon. Together with EMCOR, Inc. its sister company who operates over 180 stores in Visayas & Mindanao regions, this group represent the biggest retail store network for motorcycles, three-wheelers, appliances, laptops, cellphones & furniture in the Philippines.

K Servico Now

K Servico ranks among the TOP 1,000 Corporations in the Philippines and has established itself as a leader in the retail industry selling motorcycles, three-wheelers, appliances, laptops, cellphones, furniture & accessories as well as motorcycle and electronic parts and accessories. KServico offers attractive Cash and Easy Installment terms for all its products.


K Servico has the widest parts & service support on all its products. Its over 180 stores all over Luzon are manned by experienced and well trained personnel who are dedicated to give its customers the best after-sales service on all its products. Backed up by a complete spare parts inventory, the customers of KServico are guaranteed to enjoy the function and convenience of its products for a long time, customer satisfaction is our corporate mission.

Affiliate Companies

Alongside with this development, the company thru the JVR Foundation was actively expanding the scope of its CSR programs over the years. Early initiatives included donation to the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP) and providing specialized training to public school teachers. In later years, CSR activities included financial and material assistance to calamity-stricken areas, construction of bridge in isolated community, feeding program to malnourished children in various public schools, scholarship grant to poor but deserving students, sponsorship of watershed and greening project, donation of school buildings, sponsorship of sports event, health/fitness campaign, providing livelihood to indigents and donation to religious and charitable causes, etc.


K Servico is part of the larger J-Del Group of Companies. More affiliated companies include:

  • Kawasaki Motors Philippines
  • Panasonic Philippines
  • International Wiring Systems
  • Delsa Chemicals & Multi Products, Inc
  • International Electric Wires Phils. Corp.
  • Hecny Forwarders, Inc
  • Wodel Incorporated
  • JVR Foundations Incorporated
  • TriMotors Technology Corp.


Corporate Mission
  • We recognize our responsibilities to our country, which is still under developed. We must devote ourselves to the further development of the Philippines by providing our customers and the community we serve with quality products and services through our nationwide store network and by creating more job opportunities.
  • To attain this objective, we dedicate ourselves to progress, to personal growth and development, and to become a model company.
Commitment to Service

To become a progressive Company, it is our responsibility to provide high standards of service for the best interest of our customers. Through these efforts, therefore, we hope to contribute to the upliftment of the service standards of our industry and ultimately do our part in the task of nation building.

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