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Discover the new KServico Store Locator

The KServico Store Locator

The KServico Store Locator and why you need to save it on your browser.

Ever experienced a time when your trusty, dependable home appliance suddenly broke and you had to frantically search online for the nearest service center? How about the time when you finally decided to retire an old TV, ref, or AC unit but didn’t want to go through the hassle of dropping by a busy department store to buy a new one? Or you were in the market for a new gadget and wanted to find a nearby shop to browse? Or you were simply looking for a trusted mechanic to service your motorcycle?

Face it, we all have experienced one or all of the three scenarios before and most online solutions failed to deliver needed quick info that would guide you to a shop nearest you. We often lose most of the day searching online or worse driving out to the busy department stores only to find out that they either don’t have what we are looking for or can’t service your broken product.

Luckily KServico answered your wish with the KServico Store Locator on its website

The KServico Store Locator is a hassle-free website feature that allows you to locate Kservico stores nearest you in 2 ways. And if you are familiar with Google Maps, then using the KServico Store Locator will be a breeze.

Interact with the embedded Google Maps

Simply click and scroll on the map to zoom, pan, and find your location. All the nearby stores will be marked with the yellow K location pin. Click on the pin to find the exact location. And with the multiple pins, you can easily find alternative storage options for you to visit.

Use the search box

Simply type in your current location or address. The map will then intuitively generate a list of stores based on proximity to your location. The list will be ordered with the nearest one first, showing the distance from your location in kilometers or miles, with the next options going farther and farther away.

Get Directions

But the best thing about the KServico Store Locator’s embedded map is its ability to generate directions to guide you to the store you want to visit. Imagine the convenience and ease of use, you simply can’t get lost when you follow either the step-by-step text directions or the moving blue path traced from your location to the store you want.

Enjoy some Google Map features

Plus, because it’s an embedded Google map, you can switch from standard map view to satellite view. With just one click, you can replace the line map drawing with a satellite view of the area complete with buildings and street features.

The widest retail network

With 180 stores in Metro Manila and Luzon, KServico has already established itself as the Philippines’ widest retail store chain and one of the Top 1000 companies in the retail industry, selling motorcycles, three-wheelers, appliances, gadgets, laptops, cellphones, furniture, and accessories, and many more. With the KServico Store Locator, now you can quickly find which of these 180 KServico stores are most convenient for you to visit.

So the next time you have another appliance crisis, no need to panic. Just flip on your phone browser, tap on the KServico Store Locator, and drive down to the KServico branch you want.

You can also shop online at and request a quote for the products that you want.

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