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How to choose your next washing machine

Washing machines have become an essential home appliance of the modern home. Considered time-saving devices, newer models have introduced newer technologies that offer increased efficiencies to make laundry easier for the family. Readily available in all appliance stores, including KServico, the country’s biggest retail store network, washing machines will always be the one thing that people will be looking for.

And with all the brands out there offering an array of features, one can easily get confused as to what washer to get.

Luckily, KServico has 7 K-tips for you to consider that will make your washing machine upgrade a breeze.

1. Size Matters.

Consider the space where your new washing machine will be placed, the narrower design of top-load washing machines are true space savers, while front-load models require more floor area.

2. Go Semi-Auto or Full Auto.

Most Filipino families are familiar with semi-automatic washing machine models that operate off a timer. But fully automatic machines have now become readily available in the market, that can handle the washing function on a programmable level and freeing up you up for other tasks. The major difference between the two is the cost of power and water consumption, with automatics considered to be a bit costlier to operate.

3. Load up.

Another factor that you need to consider is the amount of laundry that you need to wash. A smaller washing machine versus a larger one can be the number of times you load your machine and the amount of time you spend doing laundry.

4. In the Spin.

A versatile machine can handle both regular clothing and delicates with care. And the secret is in the spin cycle – with a good machine able to operate seamlessly between the low 300-500 rpms and high 1000 rpms.

5. Set Wash Options.

Mostly a feature of fully automatic washing machines, the ability to choose wash settings customized for the type of laundry gives you different options on how to handle every wash.

6. Efficiency.

Modern washing machines are now coming out with an emphasis on efficiency in power and water consumption, especially as an answer to the previously perceived inefficiencies of full automatics. Now, inverter models have cut power costs dramatically, while perfected wash settings have cut back on water usage.

7. Get the K advantage

Your best upgrade option will always be waiting for you at your nearest KServico branch because, with our widest selection of the best brands in the country, we are pretty sure that the washing machine that fits your budget and needs is available in any of our 192 stores. You can also shop online at to browse for options before you can make your final decision.

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