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KServico Levels Up Summer with KSaya Campaign

KServico Levels Up Summer with KSaya Campaign

KServico, the widest retail store network in Metro Manila and Luzon, is again ready to deliver the best products matched by unparalleled customer service in over 180-plus stores.

Known as one of the top dealers of the best motorcycle brands in the country, KServico has also offered the most sought-after brands for home appliances, gadgets, e-bikes, and tri-wheelers. Now, KServico is out to make shopping a more enjoyable experience for all its customers, in-store or online.

Dubbed KSaya KServico, the new campaign highlights the customer experience that KServico seeks to deliver from the moment they enter the stores.

Because every branch is a stand-alone establishment, every KServico store must capture the eye of potential customers who pass by.

Improved branding signages and large, colorful promotional materials adorn every KServico branch, capturing the eye and communicating new promos offered in the stores.

Store frontage is also used as extended display areas, with tented sections showcasing a mix of home appliances, motorcycles, tri-wheelers, and even e-bikes for easy viewing.

Captured customers are then led into the main stores, which feature air-conditioned interiors and more branded display areas to feature even more top-brand products. Yes, even smartphones and laptops get their area for easy shopper access.

Well-trained, knowledgeable, and friendly sales staff are always on hand to assist customers in shopping, answer all their questions about various products, and introduce them to additional payment options.

When they shop at KServico, shoppers discover more value for money with in-store promos, discounts, and specific brand incentives and giveaways.

The mood that KServico hopes to highlight is the Filipino passion for things that make them happy. That is why the KSaya KServico theme goes beyond traditional sales and marketing to a more holistic approach. It ties together the brand experience with the brand promise, providing all customers with an enjoyable shopping journey so that they will return for more.

And who wouldn’t want to drop by again when they find out KSaya-saya sa KServico!

Jasper Briones


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